Season 6 is almost upon us—GET HYPED

Yes, I know it’s been a while since I updated this blog. Almost three years to be exact. And let me tell you a lot has happened since in GoT since season 2 where I left off—Theon figuratively and literally lost his manhood, Tyrion is on the run after being accused of killing sadistic teen King Joffrey (false) and murdering his own father Tywin (actually true), Dany is having a difficult time controlling her empire and her dragons, and we kind of lost Bran at some tree in The North. A lot of people also died in between, but it’s George R.R. Martin we’re talking about, so you already knew that.

To get everyone pumped for Season 6 in April, I’ll be counting down to the premiere by recapping the best style moments from seasons past. From Dany’s infamous (and very on trend) cut out dress to both of Sansa’s wedding dresses—like I said, we have a lot of catching up to do—I’ll be counting down my favorite outfits that truly showcase why Michele Clapton is a costuming genius.

First up is Dany’s previously mentioned cut out dress.



The belly baring aspect of this dress looks a little like Dany’s trying to hit up a club with gal pal Missandei and scruffy heartthrob Daario Naharis, but I’m totally a fan. The pleated silk at the bottom still makes it elegant, offsetting the fact that she’s showing more skin. It also makes the outfit more dynamic by balancing the soft silk with the severity of the sleeves. The criss cross effect carries over to the back, which is such a flattering silhouette and slimming in real life, and the scaled top and shoulder details pay homage to her dragons without going overboard.



While this isn’t her first venture into the world of cut outs, it’s definitely her most daring outfit. At first glance, I thought it looked a little strange that her belly button is framed by the crossing straps, but now I think it makes it more playful. Just because Dany’s a boss ass Queen and has a realm to rule, doesn’t mean she can’t experiment with her femininity and try some new looks . I mean, can you imagine her in a pant suit? That was a rhetorical question.

With the haute couture designers debuting their collections in Paris last month, I thought this gown by Chinese designer Yiqing Yin perfectly embodied Dany’s aesthetic: from the neutral color scheme to the braided rope detail and drapery, I could definitely see her giving out some orders from her throne in this amazing dress. Let me know your thoughts below!




Zuhair Murad’s “Enchanted Forest” parallels The North

The name for Zuhair Murad’s 2013 fall couture collection was “Enchanted Forest,” which meshes perfectly with the forests and sense of magic and mystery of the North. The North encompasses Winterfell (the Stark’s residence), The Knight’s Watch and everything beyond the Wall: white walkers, wargs, wildlings, you name it.

The North is a much more savage and brutal place, free of the South’s petty politics and frivolous royal events which are merely excuses to showcase wealth and dominance. In the North, the words of House Stark are echoed in the back of everyone’s mind: “Winter is Coming.” And with Murad’s collection, those words definitely ring true and match his enchanted forest inspiration.


1, 2

Lady Stark, or Catelyn Tully, is a dedicated fan of mossy green, as we see her wear the same variations of the color time and time again. This color compliments the Tully’s auburn hair and is reminiscent of the great trees in the North especially Winterfell’s Godswood.


1, 2

Joining the Night’s Watch is also called “Taking the Black” and from Jon Snow’s clothes we can see why. Everyone at the Night’s Watch is required to wear black, and they keep warm by wearing multiple layers of what looks like leather, wool and fur. Murad’s fur shawl replicates Jon Snow’s; whereas he wears the fur out necessity, on this model it just looks like she needs to shave her arms.


1, 2, 3, 4

Beyond the Wall where the Night’s Watch guards the realms of men, lies the unknown and mystery of the North. White walkers and wildlings roam this icy and frigid territory, although many people (mostly those in the South) remain ignorant of their existence. These two looks from Murad’s collection perfectly convey the snowy wastelands and the electric blue eyes of the frozen dead. It’s even giving me chills.

You can see Zuhair Murad’s full collection here