Zuhair Murad’s “Enchanted Forest” parallels The North

The name for Zuhair Murad’s 2013 fall couture collection was “Enchanted Forest,” which meshes perfectly with the forests and sense of magic and mystery of the North. The North encompasses Winterfell (the Stark’s residence), The Knight’s Watch and everything beyond the Wall: white walkers, wargs, wildlings, you name it.

The North is a much more savage and brutal place, free of the South’s petty politics and frivolous royal events which are merely excuses to showcase wealth and dominance. In the North, the words of House Stark are echoed in the back of everyone’s mind: “Winter is Coming.” And with Murad’s collection, those words definitely ring true and match his enchanted forest inspiration.


1, 2

Lady Stark, or Catelyn Tully, is a dedicated fan of mossy green, as we see her wear the same variations of the color time and time again. This color compliments the Tully’s auburn hair and is reminiscent of the great trees in the North especially Winterfell’s Godswood.


1, 2

Joining the Night’s Watch is also called “Taking the Black” and from Jon Snow’s clothes we can see why. Everyone at the Night’s Watch is required to wear black, and they keep warm by wearing multiple layers of what looks like leather, wool and fur. Murad’s fur shawl replicates Jon Snow’s; whereas he wears the fur out necessity, on this model it just looks like she needs to shave her arms.


1, 2, 3, 4

Beyond the Wall where the Night’s Watch guards the realms of men, lies the unknown and mystery of the North. White walkers and wildlings roam this icy and frigid territory, although many people (mostly those in the South) remain ignorant of their existence. These two looks from Murad’s collection perfectly convey the snowy wastelands and the electric blue eyes of the frozen dead. It’s even giving me chills.

You can see Zuhair Murad’s full collection here


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