About This Blog

I am a rising sophomore majoring in journalism at the University of Florida. For my Multimedia Writing summer class, I was required to come up with a blog topic that I was genuinely interested in.

This is the concept I came up with: discussing and analyzing outfits and fashion from the HBO show Game of Thrones. In each post I will discuss the style of a certain realm or character in depth and post links to modern alternatives inspired by each outfit. I created this blog because of my passion for clothes and also because of my incurable obsession of all things Game of Thrones.

The styling and costumes are pivotal to the show and part of the reason why it is critically acclaimed and such a hit with the fans. The fashions are specific to each region, and the whole costuming department has done a fantastic job bringing the various characters and locations to life.

Through this blog I will highlight the unique fashions in Game of Thrones, provide modern alternatives to outfits and also get insight from other Game of Thrones fans about their favorite looks from the show.

Feedback and opinions are always appreciated!



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